Betting on cycling is available with most betting sites and you're likely to find that larger online betting operators such as William Hill and Ladbrokes will offer more in terms of markets and odds available for the sport.

Cycling betting online is not the most popular sport gamblers bet on, however if you have knowledge in cycling it could be the right choice of sport for you to bet on.

Placing Bets On Cycling

Betting on cycling is just the same as placing a bet on football. Simply find the event such as the Tour De France 2020 and choose a market within the event which will then display betting selections and odds.

Once you see a selection you think will win simply add it to your bet slip and confirm the bet and that's it. Sit back watch the race and hopefully win your bet.

Understanding Cycling Betting Odds

Cycling betting odds may show in decimal or fractional format depending on which betting site you're using. Most sites however allow you to set a preference on how you would like the odds to be displays.

An example of how the fractional and decimal odds are displayed below,

• Fractional Odds 2/1 = Decimal Odds 3.0

• Decimal Odds 2.0 = Fractional Odds 1/1

• Fractional Odds 1/4 = Decimal Odds 1.4

• Decimal Odds 50.0 = Fractional Odds 49/1

Most gamblers and especially the general public will be most familiar with fractional odds. Decimal odds are more common among betting exchanges where the decimal display of odds is more useful for the gamblers who back and lay bets.

What Are The Best Cycling Betting Sites

As cycling betting is not so popular, bookmakers may only offer odds for the big events such as the Tour De France. From our research we found Betfair came out on top, they offered the best selection of cycling betting events, markets and odds.

The cycling betting markets and odds available at Betfair were far better than any other betting site we looked at and below are some of the markets found for the Vuelta a Espana cycling event.

• Team Classification

• Podium Finish

• Top 6

• Points Classification

• Mountains Classification

• Overall Head to Heads

• Outright Winner

Our Overall Conclusion For Betting On Cycling

Whilst some other bookies did offer a few extra markets, most betting sites we looked at only offered odds on the Outright Winner market and this is why Betfair is probably the best cycling betting site if you want to bet on cycling.

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