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£10 Bet Refund with Smarkets

December 2022

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Deposit at least £20.00

If you lose £10.00 or more Smarkets will refund maximum £10.00 as a free bet.

Smarkets is an online betting exchange that offers the best flat rate commission for its customers. Smarkets mission is to stand for integrity by providing a superior online investment platform that facilitates honest, user focused betting/trading on sports, politics and current events.

Smarkets is at the cutting edge of betting sites and its minimal modern design provides focus on the betting/sporting events. They provide a flat base rate of commission and you get exactly what you see, no gimmicks required. Despite Smarkets being main sponsors of QPR, they are serious about football betting.

Smarkets do offer an opening account offer, a £10 free bet. Once you deposit £20 or more any loss of maximum £10 will be refunded as a free bet into your account. Smarkets is a dedicated betting exchange and if your serious about betting then a Smarkets account is a must.

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Last checked : 05/12/2022

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Smarkets News

Betting markets heavily favor Warnock over Walker in Georgia runoff

Sun 4th Dec 2022, 2:14pm

Online betting markets are heavily favoring incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) over Republican Herschel Walker in Georgia’s Senate runoff with two days until the election. The Democrat’s chances of ...

Yahoo Home

Mon 2nd Nov 2020, 5:50am

TodayCloudy. Winds variable at 6 to 9 mph (9.7 to 14.5 kph). The overnight low will be 31 °F (-0.6 °C). SunShowers today with a high of 46 °F (7.8 °C) and a low of 31 °F (-0.6 °C). There is ...

US midterms: why gambling markets often predict elections more accurately than polls

Tue 8th Nov 2022, 10:08am

He has bet on the outcome of the US midterms as a part of his anthropological fieldwork using the betting exchanges on Smarkets and Betfair, With control of the House of Representatives now highly ...

Ron DeSantis Now the Favorite to Win the White House in 2024 in Major Betting Markets

Wed 9th Nov 2022, 10:17am

PredictIt has him at 32-33 percent, the UK betting site Smarkets rates him at 25.6-27.4 percent, and Betfair has the governor at 25.3-27.4 percent. Trump has an 18.4 percent chance, a 15.1 percent ...

A Republican Bubble? How Pollsters And Pundits Got The US Midterms So Wrong

Tue 22nd Nov 2022, 1:18pm

During the month leading up to the US midterm elections, talk of a commanding Republican victory went from a“red wave” to a“red tsunami”. The Rep ...

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