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The future of tennis: What we know about the two proposals that may change the sport

Fri 12th Apr 2024, 4:21pm

Saudi Arabia's proposed new tournament, as well as a brand-new 'Premier Tour,' could reshape tennis. Here's what we know about these ideas so far.

Finding impartial jurors for Trump's trial, the future of 'dry' communities and Salt Lake City's Olympic bid | Hot off the Wire podcast

Thu 11th Apr 2024, 1:15am

Each Saturday Hot off the Wire looks at a variety of stories in business, science, health and more. This week's headlines include: ...

As many cities sour on hosting the Olympics, Salt Lake City's enthusiasm endures

Wed 10th Apr 2024, 3:45pm

Many other past Olympic hosts around the world have decided in recent years that bringing back the Games isn’t worth the money or hassle. But Salt Lake City remains one of the few places where Olympic ...

My Take On It: On this road to 60 years of freedom in Malawi, still I pray…

Fri 5th Apr 2024, 2:10am

O, God bless our land of Malawi, keep it a land of peace!” this has been our prayer; mine from life languishing on dusty roads of Ndirande, to the beautiful four lane boulevard of the Kamuzu Highway ...