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April 2018

Coral is one of the top bookmakers in the UK. Coral have an outstanding reputation as a long term betting operator. Coral provide competitive odds and a huge selection of markets for its users.

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Coral News

Reefs that experience frequent temperature changes most likely to resist coral bleaching

Thu 26th Apr 2018, 5:51pm

As scientists and conservationists race to work out the best way to conserve the world's coral reefs, a new study reveals why some reefs appear to be more resistant to coral bleaching during ocean warming events and calls for higher-resolution data to be ...

Bleaching of coral reefs reduced where daily temperature changes are large

Thu 26th Apr 2018, 3:18pm

Coral reef bleaching is stark evidence of the damage being inflicted by global climate change on marine ecosystems, but a research team led by scientists at the University of California, Irvine has found some cause for hope. While many corals are dying ...

This camera eliminates the ocean waves so scientists can study coral

Thu 26th Apr 2018, 6:26pm

Think space is the final frontier? As NASA researcher Ved Chirayath points out, scientists know more about the surface of the moon and Mars combined than the ocean floor. With a camera and artificial intelligence, however, Chirayath is working to change that.

Confusion clouds family's recovery from possible coral poisoning

Thu 26th Apr 2018, 3:15pm

Police and fire services are controlling access to a home in Gatineau's Aylmer sector whose residents say they were poisoned by toxins from coral, but the family affected still has no idea when they'll be able to return. Jason Laframboise was setting up ...

Several coral species could go locally extinct in Florida from white-plague disease

Thu 26th Apr 2018, 1:42pm

A mysterious disease killing Florida corals; a coral reef ecologist says the disease is still spreading and causing local extinctions of some coral species. What’s called white-plague disease spread when corals were already stressed and vulnerable after ...

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