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Esports Betting Industry On PC-Based Games Is On The Upswing

Thu 14th Oct 2021, 6:55am

For a long time, the conversation in the gaming world was focused on mobile being the future of the industry. Now, in 2021, the future ...

As More States Legalize Online Betting There's a Bright Future For The Billion Dollar eSports Betting Industry

Thu 7th Oct 2021, 7:00am News Commentary - US sports betting once only happened in Nevada. Now, as legal sports betting has expanded to ...

The impact of big events for esports betting

Mon 4th Oct 2021, 7:53am

Major esports events draw hundreds of thousands of views and create momentum for each title’s competitive scene. As in-person events return to normality, it’s important to understand these events’ ...

DJ Esports brings esports and crypto together with its game-changing betting platform

Mon 4th Oct 2021, 2:59pm

DJ Esports lets users bet on all their favorite games in a variety of crypto. Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

'I crashed my car watching horse racing and stole from my mum's purse' admits footballer who blew £250k on betting

Fri 15th Oct 2021, 11:24pm

Footballer Scott Davies first began sneaking into betting shops aged 16. Within ten years that 'bit of fun' had cost him his dignity, career, and £250,000. Now 33, the midfielder has revealed how his ...