Can Betting Sites Affect My Credit Score?

by Alan Swanley on Thursday 11th October, 2018

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Online betting is big business with millions of customers placing bets on their favourite sports such as football and horse racing every single day. While there’s no greater thrill than a big win, could your betting activities actually harm your credit score and financial situation?

Here’s all you need to know before opening up a betting site account and depositing money.

Betting alone does not have a negative influence on your credit score. Credit agencies cannot see your betting activities and will not know which events or markets you’ve bet on. Even if they could, there is no prejudice against this.

Furthermore, credit agencies appreciate that a little flutter is a natural part of life for millions of people in the UK. Responsible gamblers wouldn’t be punished for placing cash bets in the brick and mortar betting shops and online betting simply makes the process easier.

Signing up to a new online betting site, making a deposit, and making bets when done correctly won't affect your credit score at all. The key, however, is to focus on the deposit methods.

While gambling is safe for many, some gamblers are considered problem gamblers. They are most commonly characterised by the feeling that they need to place bets in the heat of the moment. Funding your betting account through methods that rely on credit such as credit cards is never a smart move. 

It’s also imperative to show credit agencies that gambling is a luxury, and not a priority. If depositing funds into your betting account causes you to default on loans, bills, and other repayments, you could be set for ongoing problems. Worse still, once you’re in that cycle, it’s very hard to escape. 

The harsh reality is that online betting can harm your credit score, even if you don’t consider yourself to be a problem gambler. In most cases, though, responsible management of your gambling particularly with regards to payments should serve you well.

5 tips to prevent potential damage are, 

1. Avoid using credit cards and other credit sources to fund your betting accounts and try to use the same payment method for all betting accounts.

2. Only make deposits when you have enough money in the bank to cover your bills and financial obligations. If possible, steer clear from dipping into your overdraft too.

3. Keep some money in your betting account and use that to place future bets. More frequent deposits can be viewed as a warning sign, even when they are counteracted by regular withdrawals.

4. Put money into eWallets such as PayPal or Skrill account and fund the accounts from these services. Severing the direct link from your bank to the betting site can work in your favour.

5. Be aware of your betting activities, especially with regards to the banking aspects, and use your a credit check service every few months to identify and rectify any issues.

Doing these things should go a long way to keeping your credit score unaffected by gambling. However, it’s important to remember that this isn’t the only aspect to consider. If you believe that your betting has got out of hand, self-exclusion through services such as are the perfect way to remove that temptation.