New Betting Sites

The number of betting sites has grown rapidly providing bettors ultimate choice.

by Leon Hughes on Monday 25th June, 2018

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There are some websites that are eternally popular. Social networking pages always seem to do well; some ecommerce stores have a continual supply of traffic. Sites that seek to laugh at the absurdity of everyday life and post listicles, meanwhile, are ten a penny. There is, however, one type of site in particular that appears to be enjoying enduring success: the betting site.
Counting the number of betting sites online today is nigh-on impossible. That’s especially so when you consider the number of different niches that are available. We can, however, say that the number of total sites is three figures at least, and new sites seem to be adding to that number on a consistent basis.

This is particularly intriguing. One would think that a betting site is a betting site, and the need for such diversity is simply not there. Yet still new sites open for business while the established options continue to thrive. It seems there is a relentless thirst for a huge variety in betting sites for the modern bettor. It’s worth spending a little time digging into this and trying to ascertain why so many betting sites are able to launch. It’s also an idea to consider what this means for modern bettors.

The niche and specialisation factor
If someone asked you to name a bookmaker, you’d probably name one of the following off the top of your head:
  • Bet365
  • William Hill
  • Ladbrokes
  • Coral
  • Paddy Power

These five bookmakers are arguably the best known in the UK. Some have their lineage in offline sports betting shops — William Hill, Coral, and Ladbrokes. Others are a product of the internet age, but they do have one thing in common: they all run online bookmaker sites.
For the most part, these main sites — and dozens like them — are tough to differentiate between. Most will offer a sportsbook, and the majority will also offer casino options. Live streaming and in-play betting have become standardised. Additionally, while the number of markets varies, most sites will have some version of the same thing.

If all new bookmaker sites were to try and mimic the “big five” and their smaller competitors, it’s unlikely they’d be able to flourish. There is a point where too many sites doing the same thing would become unsustainable. This is why many new bookmaker sites tend to focus on a specific niche.
More and more betting sites are able to flourish due to a careful selection of niches. Even the big sites are synonymous with particular benefits; William Hill, for example, is seen as the best choice for horse racing. Paddy Power has meanwhile cultivated a reputation as light-hearted, “banter” bookmaker who wants to make you smile while you’re taking your bets.
This ability for sites to choose specific niches and specialisations helps to explain why so many betting sites are able to co-exist. While the basic premise of each site may be the same — casino, sportsbook, promotions, and so on and so forth — each site will then choose an area to particularly focus their efforts. This means that bettors will usually want to sign up to a variety of different sites, with each site a specialist in a particular area. This allows for the most robust, enjoyable overall betting experience.

Bettor demanding

As touched on above, the other key reason these sites are able to flourish is purely due to bettor demand. As mentioned, there’s the kind of demand that is created by bettors wanting to explore different “specialist” bookmakers. There’s a second demand worth considering: promotions.
Bettors love promotions. Matched deposit bonuses, bonus bet offers, acca guarantees— these, and the many many more like them, help to enhance the betting experience. If bookmakers did not have dozens, if not hundreds, of competitors, the need for these promotions wouldn’t exist. You don’t have to market yourself if you’re a monopoly, after all!
However, bettors want those promotions, and will always find time to explore a brand new site and its own individual range of promotions. As a result, there will always be new sites ready to spring up and meet that thirst for a great deal. Established bookmakers may see this as an irritation that steals their customers, but ultimately, new sites and promotions help to further enhance the entire industry.

So why has there been such an explosion of betting sites?

Simply put, because bettors have demanded them. Bettors have demanded more niche and specialist bookmakers, and a wider range of promotions from a variety of different sites. Where there is clear demand, supply has risen up to meet it. Thus, the legion of online bookmakers continues to grow seemingly exponentially.