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Mayweather vs McGregor set to smash Betfair betting records

Mayweather vs McGregor - Preview and Odds

The highly anticipated boxing match between Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather and ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor which takes place at Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena later this month has broken Betfair’s records, with punters wagering more than £11.6m on the fight, meaning it is now Betfair’s most bet-on boxing match in history.  

The fight between Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao set the previous record in 2015 with over £8m placed in bets on their site. Unbeaten Mayweather will fight for the 50th time against UFC champion Conor McGregor and Betfair predict the amount staked on this fight will surpass the £50m mark.  

Andre Berto who lost to Mayweather in 2015 has shared his views on the upcoming fight and believes that McGregor might actually have a chance at beating the boxing legend. However, he does admit that if McGregor cannot find a way to finish Mayweather early on he has very little chance of succeeding – "It’s either Conor catches him early, finishes him or Floyd is gonna outbox him and makes him look silly and tries to embarrass him." 

Former UFC featherweight champion, Jose Aldo, has spoken out against McGregor claiming that there is no way McGregor can defeat Mayweather. The comments come two years after McGregor brought Aldo's ten-year winning streak to abrupt end. Aldo stated that McGregor is "just looking for the money" as his net-worth is set to increase five-fold after this momentous event.  

Katie Baylis, a spokesperson for Betfair stated "It’s now three weeks until one of the most anticipated fights in recent memory and with £11.3m bet on the outcome alone already, this is now the biggest boxing betting event in Betfair history. We expect this fight to trade well over £50m and could even get to the £100m mark, which would be one of our biggest sporting events of all time."  

Baylis also confirmed that "Floyd Mayweather Jr is the 1/5 favourite, with Conor McGregor at 5/1. As you would expect most of the money is for Mayweather, however, 40% of bets are on McGregor, compare to 34% on Mayweather and 26% on the draw. The biggest single bet was £100K on Mayweather at the start of the month and we are sure to see plenty more bets of this nature as we edge closer to this massive sporting event."

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