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Haye vs Bellew - A Great British grudge match

Fight preview and odds ahead of their March 4th showdown

The much anticipated British heavyweight fight between David Haye and Tony Bellew is almost upon us, with the fierce rivals set to clash on Saturday at London's O2 Arena. 

It would be a severe understatement to say that the two fighters do not see eye-to-eye. Ever since Bellew 'called out' Haye after his 3rd round stoppage of BJ Flores, the British public have been fascinated by the fight in store. 

Their war of words started when Bellew accused David Haye of "conning the British public since his comeback." 

In a recent edition of Sky Sports' 'The Gloves Are Off', Bellew suggested that Haye "lacked heart", before the conversation moved on to a previous sparring session between Haye and both Bellew and fellow British heavyweight fighter, David Price.  

Bellew said "He got a hiding off the two of us that day. He turned up in Liverpool, flying high, was expecting to beat me and David Price up. He hit me with one of the hardest punches I have been hit with in the first round. I stood on my feet and said good shot. He looked at me in pure amazement and shock. I don't know how I stayed on my feet, but remember nodding and saying good shot. 

"I was a cruiserweight at the time, he was a cruiserweight, and the spar went on. Three rounds later David Price got in and hit him with a right hand that spun him 360 degrees. David Price would only have had to hit with a jab to knock him over, but David being David, stood back and said are you okay mate? 

"I got in the next round, gave him a good few whacks on the side of the head. He took a knee. I went to hit him when he was on one knee and I missed him and punched the floor. That's the difference between me and David Price, I'm a savage. David is a lovely man and a nice guy." 

Yesterday attention turned to their press conference in Liverpool, Bellew's hometown. Both fighters were extremely confident of their own chances. Haye responded to jeers and insults from the crowd by claiming that Bellew would "need all the support he can get", continuing to retaliate to the hostile pro-Bellew crowd, Haye said, "Deep in all of your tiny minds you know this guy is getting drilled to the canvas pretty fast.. 

Bellew's response was equally as confident, exclaiming, ""I am going in with a man who was absolutely fantastic. When he was in his prime, an immense athlete - but the tank is very, very low and it does not last very long. When the gas runs out, the big fat Scouser is going to steam through him." 

Despite Bellew being the reigning WBC cruiserweight champion and Haye having a impressive history at cruiserweight, the fight will be heavyweight. There will be no title on the line, but the winner could be on course for another British super-fight later this year, if Anthony Joshua can overcome ring legend Wladimir Klitschko. One thing for sure, come March 4th we can expect some fireworks. 

Here are the current fight odds, courtesy of Betfair: 

David Haye - 1/6 

Draw - 40/1 

Tony Bellew - 5/1 

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